Our Innovation helps You make more Money

IQware also saves you make more money by:

  • Shortening software delivery time
  • Reducing deployment effort
  • Giving you confidence for successful fixed-bid proposals
  • Reducing labor hours
  • Offering a unique desktop-virus immune solution

Here's how:

IQware is a new, patented way of doing software. IQware is both a Master Data Management (MDM) application and a rule-based development tool to create new and/or enhance existing software applications that deliver the right data to the right place at the right time. IQware provides the function of a Master Data Management system in that it harvests and displays data anyway you choose in a truly secure environment. IQware's patented software (see US patent #7,322,028) is a rule-based Business Intelligence (BI) and Master Data Management (MDM) system that morphs into the solution you need - without writing new code. Being completely rule-based means that the capabilities and functions that IQware delivers are controlled from the ground up by rules. All decisions by IQware are made at run-time - not at compile time. When you change a rule, you change what IQware does - right away - with no programming required. This approach saves time and extends the shelf life of any program.

Program example: Using the IQware approach a pharmacy application was created, tested and deployed for less than $1M and in less than 12 months. Competing apps took more than $5M and 5 years to create just the first version. Doing it with IQware delivered a more flexible solution (change-on-the-fly) that can continuously respond to changing needs. (Regulatory / Markets / Workflow).

Another one of IQware's key advantages is that it uses a highly secure "Trusted Computing Base" that is proven to be immune to desktop viruses and hackers. Because of its highly flexible deployment model utilizing a thin client at the workstation, IQware protects data by storing it on a DoD-level secure server so it's not transferred back and forth to individual workstations. IQware is built from the ground up to be secure. This unique IQware capability delivers unprecedented functionality securely and it is platform independent meaning it can be deployed on any desktop, iPad or mobile device with the same look and feel. IQware's attributes are ideal for handling the extreme demands of information technology in any regulated industry. By authoring the rules with IQware you can achieve certainty in demonstrating compliance to regulatory requirements and provide confidence that your data and your processes will not be disputed or compromised. IQware has been checked out thoroughly by some of the largest IT companies in the market. They confirm everything that we described to be real. IQware is a paradigm switch from traditional software that give today's markets the tools they need to compete.

IQware grows as your needs grow and responds to todays ever-changing regulations and standards.

IQware is a paradigm switch from traditional software and development.