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Intelligence at the speed of thought

IQware is a full-function business Intelligence ("BI") and Master Data Management ("MDM") system that translates raw data into useful information. IQware is designed specifically for interactive data acquisition, analysis, presentation, reporting and archiving. IQware cooperates with existing ERP/MRP systems and "fills in the gaps" by performing operations that such systems cannot do.

IQware is your intelligent, cost effective solution.

IQware addresses the high demand for secure and reliable BI/MDM software. This issue is already at or near the top in end-user demands as concerns about cyber security, hacking and cyber terrorism build. It is anticipated that 100% secure and reliable software - backed by a tamper-proof audit trail - will be a requirement (not merely a "want") for virtually every business.

IQware is scalable, adaptable, and fully secure. The rule-based nature of IQware's product significantly reduces the need for expensive custom development. IQware can also be centrally managed and deployed - without disrupting ongoing business operations.

IQware handles data sharing, data management and IT system integration in a way that no other software system can. IQware can connect directly to factory floor equipment, unlike nearly all BI systems.

IQware's software has three critical attributes:

  1. It is hacker-resistant and immune to desktop viruses.¹
  2. It is rule-based so it can be changed on-the-fly and without expensive re-programming¹
  3. It is interoperable so it works with all existing desktop computers and emerging wireless devices¹

       ¹US Patent #7,322,028, others pending

IQware functions and features:

  • Tailored, secure content management, analysis, delivery and presentation
  • Information assurance and validation
  • Interactive and comprehensive reporting
  • Interoperability and compatibility with new, emerging technologies
  • Extreme high security with complete, tamper-proof audit trails
  • Integration of disparate IT and legacy IT systems
  • Secure tracking, auditing, and reporting capability
  • Regulatory compliance through a tamper-proof audit trail

IQware's additional capabilities include:

  • Flexible security policy implementation Interoperability and legacy system interface
  • Thin client and wireless deployment
  • Real-time monitoring and control Direct factory-floor interface Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and
  • Supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

IQware addresses key enterprise characteristics:

  • Multiple disparate IT systems and data sources
  • Inadequate information assurance
  • Inadequate information integration
  • Inadequate tracking capability
  • Inadequate auditing capability
  • Inadequate reporting capability
  • Inability to meet compliance with existing IT systems

IQware benefits:

  • Enterprise-Wide Collaboration - Because of IQware's platform-independence, the investments made in the Enterprise IT infrastructure are protected. IQware can be installed "as is" without any changes to existing IT infrastructures.
  • Up-to-Date Information - IQware's report information is derived from the most recent data analysis. Reports can be real-time, scheduled, or "on demand."
  • Meets Individual Needs - IQware offers rule-based solutions to meet every level of responsibility.
  • Reports are Customizable - Documents are immediately available via pre-determined report parameters, with "drill down" analyses and custom reporting provided for additional graphical formatting. Important information is highlighted, simplifying and accelerating the review process.
  • Interactive Exploration of Data - Essential for on time, reliable and effective decision-making, IQware's platform-independent interface is highly interactive.
  • Data is Secure - Because of IQware's patented (US Patent #7,322,028, others pending) Secure and desktop-virus-immune features, critical customer data is protected from cyber attacks, malicious hackers or other compromising situations.

IQware's Information Assurance

IQware provides information assurance through a variety of internal, secure mechanisms╣. Information assurance is an essential component of BI (and MDM) because errors embedded in the "original content" - or in the acquired raw data - are significantly amplified and magnified by the "downstream" IT systems. Such IT systems have few reliable, independent mechanisms(s) for information verification. The consequences of such errors percolating through the organization are extremely expensive at best - and fatal at worst.

IQware use a TCB (Trusted Computing Base) with a DoD rated security level of B2/C2 that is immune to desktop viruses. IQware uses this TCB to enforce the rule-based security policy. All object accesses are monitored, reported and tracked. Illegal accesses are prevented. Your data and information are assured from the ground up with IQware.

How IQware is Different - and Better

Most software applications are "glued together" from multiple software packages produced by different vendors. Systems Integrators ( SIs ) or other third party consulting firms typically write reams of custom code and virus-prone script files. The end product typically combines statistical packages, graphics and man-machine interface packages, database packages and data acquisition systems.

This combination of products is a "patchwork quilt" that greatly increases the security risk exposure, cost, and deployment time of any ERP project.

IQware is rule-based which eliminates or greatly reduces the need for custom code for deployment. IQware also eliminates the need for integrating often-mismatched products from multiple vendors. In addition to these risk-reducing benefits, IQware provides complete immunity from desktop viruses that have cost companies billions of dollars in downtime and lost productivity. IQware's patented architecture and deployment approach increases security while reducing total cost and delivery time. IQware's rule-based architecture allows functionality to be added at any time, "on-the-fly," adapting seamlessly to changing market conditions and additional market opportunities.

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Critical observations about the lack of computer security:


  • There are a lot of hacker tools & techniques available.
  • Websites are devoted to hacking and hacker training.
  • IT skill sets are global.
  • Anti-virus, Firewalls & Intrusion detection systems help, but all of them can be penetrated!
  • The "biggest bucks" and "best brains" in the business cannot protect the desktop.





Why is there no simple security solution?

  • Most software "tools" are really "building blocks" - the application inherits all security errors and omissions.
  • Application also inherits all security errors and omissions of all lower layers (operating system, utilities, etc.).
  • Security must be designed into the software from the ground up - it can't be "bolted on" ex post facto.
  • Software architecture is critical to security and reliability - the language or development environment is not.
  • Software creation is largely a manual process - time consuming and fraught with errors.
  • Compilers cannot check for security errors, logic errors and plain stupidity.
  • Operating system (O/S) changes to handle new features may cause new security "leaks."
  • O/S change force applications to change because they "see" O/S only through the API (Application Programmer Interface).
  • Proper security-oriented changes to desktop O/S would force significant changes to the entire installed application software base.

Why there is no reliable software quality assurance?

  • No uniform quality standards
  • No uniform security standards
  • No uniform testing standards
  • No uniform production standards
  • Not enough research is done in this area
  • Not taught in universities
  • Not enough knowledge available

Economic and social forces:

  • Demand for programming has far exceeded competent supply
  • Growth rate of IT market is 9%
  • Top 10 vendors have 55% of market share & 67% of workforce in packaged software
  • Software industry is not well-understood
  • Market surveys verify that consumers want new features (whether they work well or not) - bug fixes are not important!
  • Time-to-market controls what is in the final O/S and application releases
  • Until 9/11/01 , security had a high cost and low perceived market value
  • Vendor has no significant negative economic consequences for bad design or bad performance

Security conclusions:

  • Market is demand-driven
  • Market demand starting to provide incentives for better security design
  • Going over each line of code - a famous Microsoft quote - won't fix the security problem
  • Must redesign the O/S, and application and network software architecture
  • Security is more of an economic issue than a technical one