IQware Applications for the Military and Department of Defense

IQware's Intelligent Software Solutions supports DoD efforts to:

  Develop Joint Intelligence Operations Centers (JIOC) with
   operational intelligence for the Intelligence Campaign Plans (ICPs)
  Develop improved operational intelligence
  Reform HUMINT units
  Create a single program for Remodeling Defense Intelligence (RDI)

IQware's products do not compete with, but actually extend, the functionality of all ERP systems.

IQware can acquire data from any source, making IQware ideal for deployment across existing
and disparate IT systems.

IQware Versatile Software Solutions are Uniquely-Suited for Government Agencies:

  • IQware's Secure platform architecture allows information-sharing without loss of control
  • IQware's rule-based design allows for operational flexibility
  • IQware's interoperability features help integrate disparate databases and avoid duplicate efforts
  • IQware assists government agencies run more effectively and efficiently

Military Applications include:

  • Business Alignment to Warfighter Needs - Align to the mission of the Dept to drive urgency
  • Elimination of information stovepipes
  • Enhancement of Situational Awareness
  • Supporting Cross Domain Collaboration
  • Providing a horizontal business transformation focus - optimize end-to-end processes, not policy office stovepipes
  • Accountability for money to the warfighter

IQware's Intelligent Software features:

  • Patented (US Patent #7,322,028, others pending) software solutions
  • Unique IT system architecture & design
  • Secure command center architecture, design & implementation
  • Application that is layered on the secure O/S, using the Reference Monitor architecture to ensure security while providing a complete audit trail
  • Application and O/S operation that is in strict accordance with DoD secure system Standards
  • Application that does not override the TCB's security mechanisms so they are fully intact and operational

IQware provides consulting services to implement its software products that include project management and system assessment.

IQware saves customers both time and money

  • Rule-based means significant cost reduction because changes in the operational rules do not require changes in the software, re-validation is not necessary
  • Rule-based nature significantly reduces need for expensive, error-prone, custom code
  • Rule-based architecture greatly reduces system integration time because custom code is not required. Quality is improved
  • Secure architecture protects government agencies from costly recovery from hackers and viruses
  • Secure architecture protects against business disruption, enterprise data theft or corruption
  • Secure, rule-based architecture maintains an audit trail of all security- related events and maintains a tamper-proof Access Control List (ACL) - meets Sarbanes-Oxley requirements

How does IQware do it?

IQware's Secure Architecture

IQware's intelligent software solutions are:

  • Rule-based so they can change on-the-fly without additional programming
  • Rule-based and centrally managed for immediate global deployment
  • Interoperable so they work with emerging technologies, including hand-held devices
  • Hacker-resistant and immune to desktop viruses
  • Utilize Secure Architecture
  • IQware can acquire data from any source, making IQware ideal for deployment across existing and disparate IT systems. IQware's products do not compete with, but actually extend, the functionality of all ERP systems.

IQware Software Solutions Address three main issues facing DoD:

  • Lack of "total" information sharing - necessary to provide common operational picture
  • Inability to efficiently access all necessary information in a timely manner
  • Inability to correlate multiple factors to develop coordinated executable courses of action

For military commanders and incident managers these existing issues can translate into inferior, flawed and potentially fatal decision-making.

Military Commanders and Incident Managers need to:

  • Eliminate information stovepipes
  • Support cross-domain collaboration Enhance situational awareness Provide common operational picture Allow for real-time access Eliminate information overload Improve safety Perform threshold analysis in real time Implement systems that automatically trigger alarms and send alerts
  • Maintain audit trail of events

Military Access to Critical Information:

Access to all relevant information is necessary for homeland security partners to develop effective courses of action and a common situational awareness picture for commander and incident manager decision-making:

  • Although information sharing continues to mature from the old paradigm of "need to know" to "need to share," there still exist areas where policy needs to be refined, especially in addressing proprietary and law enforcement sensitive information
  • Information sharing and collaboration are the keys to effective event management, and policies must ensure rapid access to critical information while protecting sensitive pieces of that information
  • Infrastructure and resource information is often proprietary or held closely by private companies and local governments
  • For complete situational awareness in an emerging crisis, users must have insight into all on-going incidents within their area of responsibility and a capability to collate them into major events
  • Effective, event-based management also relies on total information domain insight, access to all available information, and the capability to share information and collaborate across disparate systems

These problems can translate into inferior, flawed and potentially fatal decision- making, however IQware has a solution to overcome potential situational disasters.

Military/DOD top

Problems faced by military commanders & incident managers:

Today's information domain is vast, and critical decision-making by military commanders and homeland security incident managers is dependent on access to the latest data and the ability to make sense out of the information available.

Massive amounts of limitless knowledge can be overwhelming and confusing to users who must develop courses of action for Homeland Security and Homeland Defense decision-makers

Users may suffer from information overload and disregard information that seemingly has no value at the time, but is critical as an event evolves; there may be relevant information available that they did not know exists; or they may be stymied by policy that forbids them access to information they know they need

Decision support staffs must deal with multiple sources of information and correlate multiple incidents and alerts to isolate and define an event in progress. Gaining a clear picture of an emerging event and developing a coordinated course of action across the military and civilian command structure, from tactical through strategic levels, is a daunting task

Multiple on-going and emerging events, with their many associated incidents, exacerbate the decision support staffs' ability to provide course of action analyses and make it is almost impossible to tie events together in real time to provide a complete situational picture.

IQware provides:

  • A truly interoperable solution. This solution is a framework that enhances technologies in place. Our goal is to take the information overload and streamline it down to get the right information to the right people in a timely manner
  • A solution that is platform-independent and able to encrypt information to protect both data at rest and data in motion
  • Data mining, correlation, trend analysis, threshold monitoring, automated alarms and reporting. The solution is known by several names: IMERE (Incident Management Event Reasoning Engine) or EMF (Event Management Framework). Capabilities are constant and reliable
  • Interoperable sharing of information for homeland security, accomplished in real time, streamlined into a useable format, providing cross-domain collaboration and COP and SA
  • Information assurance and proper security authorization with certification of access to information

The Benefits of IQware Software Solutions

Saves You Time - by automating data analysis/data mining functions

Saves You Money - by allowing you to handle information overload with existing staff in a more efficient, effective manner

Meets Audit Compliance Issues - Sarbanes Oxley - by providing audit trails

Provides Safety - by providing critical information in a timely manner to appropriate personnel/agencies

IQware's Secure Architecture

Raise the IQ of your military intelligence, with
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