IQware Applications for Health Care

The uncommon cure for common data-sharing problems

IQware is a Health Care Information System (HCIS) that is designed to work cooperatively with
existing health care IT systems. IQware helps all these systems work together and eliminates
the need for error-prone, costly manual re-entry of critical health care and patient information.
IQware can handle all common activities including admissions, EMR, pharmacy operations,
tracking auditing and compliance verification.

IQware lets you KEEP your existing IT systems. Working with your system, rather than being
at odds with it, IQware prevents the culture shock that often accompanies the typical
"IT improvement" in the health care industry.

IQware is your paramount HCIS solution.


Healthcare Providers

Information Technology (IT) systems in Health Care are a patchwork quilt of legacy platforms, organically-grown software and specialized applications. Managing these incompatible IT systems is error-prone, labor-intensive and very expensive. Scarce hospital and private practice resources are increasingly allocated toward “putting out fires” merely to keep systems running at the current level of functionality. No time or dollars are available for increasing capability, maintaining regulatory compliance and—most importantly—improving patient care.

IQware directly addresses these issues.




IQware has key patented (US Patent #7,322,028, others pending) features:

  • IQware is interoperable and works on a variety of platforms without expensive custom-coding

  • IQware can be installed easily and efficiently, without expensive downtime and the potential of lost data and incompatibility issues (often the case with large ERP implementations)

  • IQware lets you KEEP your existing IT systems. Working with your system, rather than being at odds with it, IQware prevents the culture shock that often accompanies the typical "IT improvement" in the health care industry
  • IQware specializes in the "regulated industries" where audit trails & security are essential, so reporting to regulatory and governmental agencies is a breeze

  • IQware specializes in the "regulated industries" where compliance verification is essential, so an organization will always be able to verify transactions quickly and efficiently, as needed

  • IQware specializes in providing HIPAA-compliant IT systems that protect patient information

  • IQware specializes in providing automatic electronic "checks and balances," features vital to the promotion of patient medication compliance, patient safety, and the reduction of medication errors

  • IQware is rule-based and interoperable, making it a perfect candidate for application in the health care industry, where disparate and incompatible ERP systems are the norm

Here are some of the top IT priorities named by hospital and health care executives,
and IQware addresses all of them:

  • Upgrading security protocols
  • Reducing medical errors and promoting patient safety
  • Replacing and upgrading inpatient clinical systems
  • Implementing wireless systems
  • Upgrading network infrastructure
  • Designing process and workflow
  • Improving the IT department

Here are some of the top clinical applications desired by hospital and health care executives,
and IQware addresses them all:

  • Bar-coded medication management that is consistent across the medical industry
  • Electronic medical records that are portable to other platforms
  • Clinical information systems
  • Computerized provider order entry (CPOE)
  • Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS)
  • Enterprise-wide clinical information sharing
  • Point-of-care decision support

Here are some of the biggest barriers to investment in information technology,
and IQware addresses them all:

  • Cost and complexity of IT implementation
  • Significant changes in work process and cultural changes within the health care profession
  • Payment policies that reward volume rather than quality
  • Fragmented delivery systems
  • Competition with other priorities, especially bricks and mortar projects
  • Costs of training and support when new systems are delivered

The health care industry has attempted to build incentives, including financial rewards and expanded efforts to standardize record formats, nomenclature, and communication protocols to enhance interoperability, but most efforts have failed because the consequences of the actions taken were not thoroughly researched and considered. The unfortunate consequence: many health care professionals continue to view information technology as an administrative tool, used to handle rote business functions, rather than a powerful clinical assistant used to streamline workload, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

IQware Software Solutions Allow the Health Care Industry to View Technology as a Clinical Asset, not a Necessary Administrative Evil.

Just look at what IQware, currently instrumental in providing state-of-the-art systemic solutions for the pharmacy industry, is already doing for the health care industry:

  • IQware has partnered with IQware Marketing, LLC to deliver health care providers a secure reporting system for tracking, billing and reimbursement of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services

As it has with the pharmacy industry, IQware has plans to provide state-of-the-art systemic solutions to address the needs of the broader health care industry as well, including:

  • Improvements in electronic health records (EHRs), providing more real-time access to patient records and making them more effective longitudinal records.
  • Improvements in computerized provider order entry systems (CPOE), extending the CPOE to include lab orders, radiology studies, procedures, discharges, transfers and referrals.
  • Expansion of clinical decision support systems (CDSS), making them more portable to more devices and improving the real-time responsiveness of data retrieval.
  • Improvements in picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), making dissemination among disparate systems seamless and more responsive.
  • For those interested in interfacing with MUMPS, IQware Solutions can share data with MUMPS applications by directly accessing the on-disk records created and used by the MUMPS applications. Click here (link to MUMPS info below) for more information about MUMPS.