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Spend more time on the design and less on the software

Delivering software that is on time, on budget and that meets specifications is getting harder.
Good software engineers are hard to find and are very expensive after you've found them. Software development tools are ubiquitous - your competitor probably uses what you use. Outsourcing can help, but how do you compete economically when everyone is doing that too?
Use IQware's patented, centrally-managed, adaptable software solution!

Get an edge over the competition with IQware.

There are three ways to gain an "edge" and compete successfully:

  1. Deliver superior & unique software that your competitor cannot match.
  2. Deliver similar software functionality - but create it in a very different way that significantly reduces the labor cost.
  3. Deliver similar software functionality - but create it in a very different way that significantly reduces the time-to-delivery.

IQware gives you all three. With IQware you have an edge.

IQware is both a standalone product and a rule-based development tool. IQware is uniquely rule-based which significantly reduces - and may even eliminate - the need for expensive, error-prone custom code development. This unique, patented (US #7,322,028) IQware feature gives you two advantages by significantly reducing both time-to-delivery and labor hours. This IQware feature lets you compete effectively with ultra-low-cost offshore software developers by delivering better software solutions sooner and at a total lower cost.

IQware's other edge is that is uses a TCB (Trusted Computing Base) with a DoD rated security level of B2/C2 that is immune to desktop viruses. You can offer your customers unique, secure, desktop-virus-immune software that is less expensive and installed in far less time using IQware.

IQware helps you make more money by:

  • Shortening software delivery time
  • Reducing deployment effort
  • Giving you confidence for successful fixed-bid proposals
  • Reducing labor hours
  • Offering a unique desktop-virus immune solution

Do your customers struggle with:

  • Incompatible and disparate data IT systems and sources?
  • Inadequate auditing and reporting capability?
  • Inability to meet regulatory compliance with existing IT systems?
  • Inability to share information when required?
  • Inflexible IT software that cannot adapt to new requirements?
  • Security measures that don't work, are prone to malware and must continually upgraded, increasing your risk for exposure?

Then you need IQware.

How does IQware do it?

IQware's intelligent software solutions are:

  • Rule-based so they can change on-the-fly without additional programming
  • Rule-based and centrally managed for immediate global deployment
  • Interoperable so they work with emerging technologies, including hand-held devices
  • Hacker-resistant and immune to desktop viruses
  • Architecturally secure from the ground up.
  • Adaptable and alterable "on-the-fly" by simple rule changes.
  • Client-server with an extremely thin client that works with existing and emerging desktop and wireless computing technologies.

IQware's Cure. What we do Differently:

IQware's Secure Architecture


Software's functionality can be changed on-the-fly without costly programming


Architecture ensures compatibility with, and adaptability to, emerging technologies


Solves the ENTIRE security problem: All unauthorized data and/or object accesses are prevented by the Reference Monitor.


Can provide context-sensitive, interactive, on-demand content delivery and data analysis


Works WITH - not against - existing customer BI and IT systems.

IQware's secure architecture

IQware's innovative, patented technology can save you time and money. IQware can MORPH into the solution you need via a configuration process rather than costly error-prone and time-consuming custom programming. IQware's software adapts to changing business environments without generating new source code.

Raise the IQ of your software with IQware!