IQware Manufacturing Applications

Reducing production costs, improving product quality and supporting an ever-changing product mix requires an intelligent, flexible production system. Whether you seek to improve process automation, reduce startup time, improve production reporting, prove regulatory compliance, generate accurate audit trails or quicken your reaction time.

IQware is a standalone software product that acts as a secure, real-time process control and data management system. IQware is truly real-time. IQware has a known maximum latency time between an event and the reaction to it. This feature guarantees that your control methods and algorithms are correctly and consistently implemented.

IQware is rule-based which guarantees the maximum run-time flexibility. IQware can also be reconfigured “on-the-fly”. This unique patented (US Patent #7,322,028, others pending) feature lets you respond to changing production requirements and significantly reduces factory-floor deployment time. With IQware, you can easily respond to new regulatory and reporting requirements, with no interruption in production.

IQware's other patented advantage is that it uses a TCB (Trusted Computing Base) with a DoD rated security level of B2/C2 that is immune to desktop viruses. You can be confident that your production system will have maximum uptime and remain online longer. IQware generates tamper-proof logs and audit trails that are ideal
for proving regulatory compliance and adherence to ISO and other quality standards.

How is IQware's software intelligent?

IQware's intelligence derives from its unique architecture. IQware's patented architecture combines three technologies: desktop virus-immunity, client platform-independence and rule-based configuration. IQware is client-server and works with existing and emerging technologies, including desktops and wireless devices. IQware's rule-based architecture is immediately adaptable to any manufacturing application, without the need for custom software, separate installations, interruptions or downtime! Whether you are using Windows, Macintosh, Linux or a PDA, IQware's software applications will work on different platforms simultaneously and in a completely secure manner without ever catching a virus.

  • Rule-based design reduces costs because changes in production and/or reporting requirements do not require changes in the software. Revalidations of the software are not required since the software does not need to be changed.
  • Rule-based design significantly reduces and/or eliminates the need for costly, error-prone custom code development.
  • Rule-based design greatly reduces factory floor deployment time.
  • Interoperability ensures that you can immediately deploy and benefit from new and emerging technologies.
  • Secure architecture and the use of a TCB ensures that hackers and viruses will not interfere with your production systems.
  • Secure architecture ensures that your business operations and critical data are protected from theft or corruption
  • Secure architecture maintains an audit trail of all security related events and maintains a tamper-proof Access Control List (ACL), which meets or exceeds all Sarbanes-Oxley requirements

If you are tired of spending your hard-earned money on software upgrades that do not contribute to your business' success or bottom line, if you are sick of committing large portions of your budget to solutions that take too long, don't solve problems and become obsolete almost immediately, then you will benefit with IQware's Intelligent Solutions.

IQware eliminates the need for upgrades, different versions for computers running different software or hardware, and works simultaneously on every platform, saving you significant time and money!

  • IQware's patented (US Patent #7,322,028, others pending) software performs individually-tailored, context-sensitive content management & delivery
  • IQware's software provides context-sensitive, individually-tailored data analysis, delivery and presentation across multiple systems

IQware's Patented Architecture

IQware's Secure Architecture

Our software products feature:

  • Patented software solutions
  • Unique IT system architecture & design
  • Secure command center architecture, design & implementation

IQware's patented advantages:

  • Cooperative
  • Rule-based
  • Efficiency – IQ uses "rules" to reduce project cost, risk and duration
  • Security – IQ uses a patented innovative architecture to prevent improper actions
  • Integration – Connects existing IT systems or operates as a stand alone system
  • Compliance - Comprehensive audit trail for regulatory verification, including ISO, FDA, EPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, etc.
  • Platform independence – IQ works with all major operating systems and hand-held WI-FI devices (PDA's, Linux, iMACs, Windows, Treo, Blackberry, etc.)

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and why the current situation exists

Critical observations about the lack of computer security:

  • There are a lot of hacker tools & techniques available
  • Websites are devoted to hacking and hacker training
  • IT skill sets are global
  • Anti-virus, Firewalls & Intrusion detection systems help
  • All of them can be penetrated!
  • The "biggest bucks" and "best brains" in the business cannot protect the desktop

Why is there no simple security solution?

  • Most software "tools" are really "building blocks" - application inherits all security errors and omissions
  • Application also inherits all security errors and omissions of all lower layers (O/S, utilities, etc.)
  • Security must be designed into the software from the ground up - it can't be “bolted on” ex post facto
  • Software architecture is critical to security and reliability - the language or development environment is not
  • Software creation is largely a manual process - time consuming and fraught with errors
  • Compilers cannot check for security errors, logic errors and plain stupidity
  • O/S changes to handle new features may cause new security “leaks”
  • O/S change force apps to change because they “see” O/S only through the API (Application Programmer Interface)
  • Proper security-oriented changes to desktop O/S would force significant changes to the entire installed application software base

Why there is a lack of software security quality assurance:

  • No uniform quality standards
  • No uniform security standards
  • No uniform testing standards
  • No uniform production standards
  • Not enough research is done in this area
  • Not taught in universities
  • Not enough knowledge available

Economic and social forces:

  • Demand for programming has far exceeded competent supply
  • Growth rate of IT market is 9%
  • Top 10 vendors have 55% of market share & 67% of workforce in packaged software
  • Software industry is not well-understood
  • Market surveys verify that consumers want new features (whether they work well or not) - bug fixes are not important!
  • Time-to-market controls what's in the final O/S and app releases
  • Until 9/11/01, security has had a high cost and low perceived market value
  • No significant consequences for bad design or bad performance

Security conclusions:

  • Market is demand-driven.
  • Market demand starting to provide incentives for better security design.
  • Going over each line of code - a famous Microsoft quote – won't fix the security problem.
  • Must redesign the O/S, and application and network software architecture.
  • Security is more of an economic issue than a technical one.

Security Objectives:

  • Secure systems control access to information
  • Only properly authorized people are allowed to read, write, create or delete information.
  • Only properly authorized processes are allowed to read, write, create or delete information.
  • System must be properly architected, coded and deployed to be secure.

What a secure system must do:

  1. Implement Policy
    • Security Policy - System must enforce a well-defined security policy.
    • Marking - System must associate all objects with access control labels (sensitivity & access modes).
  2. Ensure Accountability
    • Identification - System must identify individuals and their various authorizations in a secure manner.
    • Audit Trail - System must keep & protect audit trail so actions may be traced to responsible party.
  3. Deliver Assurance
    • Evaluation - System must have hardware/software mechanisms that can be independently evaluated to assure that policy & accountability are enforced.
    • Continuous Protection - System must continuously protect trusted mechanisms that enforce policy & accountability from tampering.

IQware's Secure System Architecture

IQware's Segregated Architecture


IQware has the Intelligent Software Solution for you.