IQware's New Approach

(Patented US #7,322,028, others pending)

  • We separate the "user input piece" from the rest of the application so "malware" cannot "infect" the critical business logic and program operation.
  • We use a TCB (Trusted Computing Base) that is DoD rated B2/C2 for the secure server.
  • We can use any kind of laptop / desktop for the "user input piece" (Windows, Linux, Apple, PDAs, etc.).
  • The client piece is very thin and is available as open source freeware (XLIB).
  • The secure server handles all program logic, decision making and operation execution.
  • All communication to/from client is encrypted.

IQware's Rule-Based Invention

  • IQware converted the application into a "Rule Processor" that executes rules.
  • Rules control the business logic, program state, other conditions.
  • Rules control screen appearance, menus, toolbars, other visual aspects of the application.
  • Rules control all program decisions and operations.
  • Rules control all database access, data formatting, data presentation and data display.
  • Rules are configured graphically without any programming.
  • Rules can be changed "on-the-fly" so new functionality can be added while the application is running!

IQware's Secure Architecture

IQware's intelligent software delivers the right solution

Delivering software that is on time, on budget and that meets specifications is next to impossible. Good software engineers are hard to find and are very expensive after you've found them. As you know, software development tools are ubiquitous - your competitor probably uses what you use. Outsourcing can help, but how do you compete economically when everyone else is doing it?

What's your unique edge?

IQware gives you all three. With IQware you have an edge.

IQware is both a standalone product and a rule-based development tool. IQware is uniquely rule-based which significantly reduces - and may even eliminate - the need for expensive, error-prone custom code development. This unique, patent-pending IQware feature gives you two advantages by significantly reducing both time-to-delivery and labor hours. This IQware feature lets you compete effectively with ultra-low-cost offshore software developers by delivering better software solutions sooner and at a total lower cost.

IQware's other edge is that is uses a TCB (Trusted Computing Base) with a DoD rated security level of B2/C2 that is immune to desktop viruses. You can offer your customers unique, secure, desktop-virus-immune software that is less expensive and installed in far less time using IQware.