IQware Products & Applications

Real timely solutions for your realtime problems

IQware is a solutions-oriented company.

IQware delivers capabilities - not just systems.

IQware does seamless and secure information sharing, on time and on budget.

IQware works correctly - every time.

IQware's rule-based software systems meet your needs - resolving the issues and exceeding the expectations. IQware gets the right data to the right place at the right time - securely. It's that simple.

IQware makes centrally-managed, individually-tailored, data mining and interactive content management software for the regulated industries. IQware performs interactive data acquisition, analysis, reporting, auditing, presentation and archiving.

IQware can morph into the data management solution you need via our patented (US #7,322,028, others pending), rule-based configuration process rather than costly error-prone and time-consuming custom programming. IQware's software adapts to changing business environments without generating new source code - on every platform, every O/S, every device, every time!

IQware's innovative, pliant technology can save you time and money.

IQware is a single application whose entire operation is controlled at run-time by "rules".

  • The single application combined with the rules acts as the desired software application.
  • Rules execute at run-time and can be changed while the single application is running.
  • The rules are configured graphically by a special application.
  • No programming or programming knowledge is required to set up and configure an application with IQware.
  • We do NOT generate new source code.
  • We do NOT create and deploy a new physical, executable application.

IQware's Customer Relationship Management System

IQware's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system offers the CRM functionality you expect with IQware's unprescedented flexibility.

Customer Relationship Management System Highlights

  • Automate client pipeline.
  • Manage business operations.
  • Manage client lists.
  • Manage individual data.
  • Search for patients to schedule upcoming appointments
  • Schedule appointments with patients
  • Email appointment confirmations on newly scheduled appointments
  • Edit appointments
  • View upcoming appointments
  • Scroll through their calendar using the arrow buttons
  • Capture referral information for new patients
  • View their time management statistics

        IQware's Customer Relationship Management         IQware's Customer Relationship Management
        IQware's Customer Relationship Management

IQware's solutions will:

  • Improve processes
  • Improve operations
  • Integrate disparate databases to avoid duplicate efforts
  • Run more effectively and efficiently
  • Provide an audit trail on all transactions and interactions: accountability
  • Provide Common Operational Picture
  • Allow Real-time Access
  • Eliminate Information Overload
  • Perform Threshold Analysis in Real Time
  • Maintain an audit trail of all events

IQware Solutions helps you:

  • Reduce, or avoid, costs (efficiency)
  • Reduce, or eliminate errors (avoid rework)
  • Create data visibility across organization at both summary and detail levels
  • Improve management planning and control
  • Provide analytical work versus transaction processing

IQware Solutions are able to provide these solutions via a patented (US Patent #7,322,028, others pending) technology

  • Rule-based architecture
  • Significant cost reduction because changes in operational rules do not require changes in software; re-validation not necessary
  • Reduces need for expensive, error-prone custom code
  • Greatly reduces system integration time because custom code is not required, quality is improved

  • Secure Architecture:
  • Protects government agencies from costly recovery from hackers and viruses
  • Protects against disruption, enterprise data theft and corruption
  • Maintains audit trail of all security-related events, maintains tamper-proof Access Control List (ACL) - meets Sarbanes-Oxley requirements

Value to the Customer:

IQware's software addresses the high demand for secure & reliable software. In particular verticals (e.g., medical & government) this issue is already at or near the top in end-user demands. As concerns about cyber security, hacking and cyber terrorism build, it is anticipated that 100% secure and reliable software will be a requirement (not merely a "want") for virtually every business and/or manufacturing application. Market perception and end user demands are moving in this direction extremely rapidly.

Specific benefits of IQware's software

  • Enterprise-Wide Collaboration - Because of IQware's platform-independence, the investments made in the Enterprise IT infrastructure are protected since IQware can be installed "as is" without any changes to existing IT infrastructures
  • Up-to-date Information - IQware's report information is derived from the most recent data analyses. Reports can be real-time, scheduled, or "on demand
  • Meets Individual Needs - Role-based solutions to meet every level of responsibility
  • Reports are Customizable - Documents are immediately available per set report parameters, as well as "drill down" analyses with graphical report formatting. Important information is highlighted, which simplifies and accelerates the review process